Banking and Finance

Raymond’s practice covers the whole breadth of banking and financial services law and practice, much of this work is international:

  • securitised lending, structured finance.
  • derivatives: forwards, options, synthetic bonds, ISDA credit default and interest 
rate swaps, CDOs, CFDs and other derivatives.
  • investment banking securities, sovereign notes, corporate bonds, loan notes and sukuk.
  • commercial banking and corporate finance; syndicated lending, acquisition, asset, property, and project finance; certificates of deposit.
  • administration and insolvency, domestic and foreign, including debentures, set- off and netting.
  • share trading, CREST, over the counter bonds, certificates of deposit.
  • payment: technical disputes under most international and domestic mechanisms, including SWIFT, Clearstream, Euroclear, TARGET, CHAPS, bills of exchange and cheques.
  • regulation; all aspects of regulation and control of finance, including FSA regulation, OFT, and Competition Commission investigations; misselling; bank charges; Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts regulation; money laundering; POCA; and the Consumer Credit Acts.

Raymond is the co-editor of the leading textbook, Law of Bank Payments (4th ed., 2010, Sweet and Maxwell).

Recent examples of Banking and Finance work